DETAILED TITLE: TL-HA115 R0 Handmade 16 & 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink 32” x 18” with Zero or Micro Radius Corners

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  • PL HA115 A
  • PL HA115 Low Radius 16 Gauge.01
  • PL HA115 Low Radius 16 Gauge.02
  • PL HA115 A
  • PL HA115 Zero Radius 16 Gauge.02
  • PL HA115 Zero Radius 16 Gauge.01
  • PL HA115 Zero Radius 18 Gauge ADA.02
  • PL HA115 R15
  • PL HA115 Zero Radius 18 Gauge.01
  • PL HA115 Zero Radius 18 Gauge.02

The TL-HA115 Kitchen Sink from the Handmade Series is meticulously crafted using premium 18 or 16 gauge 304 Series stainless steel. This series is renowned for its surgical-grade quality, ensuring non-porous, rust-resistant, and highly durable construction. With a chromium to nickel ratio of 18:10, our 304 Stainless Steel makes this sink ideal for both residential and commercial installations. Its modern design features zero or fifteen degree corner radii, straight walls, and an extra deep bowl, all meticulously handcrafted. The elegant satin brushed finish not only maintains its luster but also effectively conceals minor scratches from regular use. Underneath, our special Protect Coating and sound deadening pads help reduce noise and prevent condensation buildup. The Handmade Series Sinks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind.


Low Radius, Zero Radius


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge, 18 Gauge ADA


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